About Us

Welcome to the Community Foundation of Washington County MD, Inc. We are one of more than 750 similar tax-exempt public charities throughout the United States that work to make their communities better places to live. We are a local organization staffed by residents of the community and led by a board of trustees who have an in-depth knowledge of the issues that shape our community.

This Community Foundation was created by and for the people of Washington County MD, and exists to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens, now and for generations to come, by building community endowments, addressing needs through grant making and providing leadership on key community issues.

The Community Foundation of Washington County MD was established in 1997, and has grown to more than 250 funds, overseeing the investment of over $31 million reserved for making positive changes here in Washington County. Since the first grant in 1998, the Foundation has awarded over $14 million to area nonprofits in our community. Interested donors may contribute to a range of charitable endeavors or set up their own endowed fund to ensure support for generations to come.

The Community Foundation meets the national standards of the National Council on Foundations. To learn more about the Foundation or to set up a fund, please contact our offices at (301) 745-5210, or email us at cfwc@cfwcmd.org.

Our Mission

To inspire, grow and steward philanthropy for the benefit of Washington County.

Our Vision

To create a healthy and vibrant community through engaged philanthropy, community knowledge and leadership

Our Values

  • Caring
  • Responsible
  • Flexible
  • Knowledgeable

Matching Philanthropic Interest With Community Needs By:

  • Serving as a leader, resource and catalyst to enrich the quality of life in our communities
  • Providing a variety of flexible and cost-effective ways for donors to create permanent endowments
  • Providing donor services that allow us to respond to changing community needs and opportunities
  • Making financial gifts to qualified organizations and other community needs
  • Encouraging Philanthropy, personal and corporate, at all levels
  • Becoming a philanthropist through gifts to the Community Foundation of Washington County MD, Inc. Let us help you create a better future to pass on to the next generation.