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Donor-Advised Funds

The Community Foundation’s mission is to inspire, grow and steward philanthropy for the benefit of Washington County. Donors share that mission with us when they create a fund. Some donors have a specific purpose in mind, such as honoring a family member that has passed away or celebrating their alma mater. Other donors, like the Schupp Family, just want to give back to their community.

Schupps-websiteIn 2005, the Schupps felt inspired to create their donor-advised fund, the Schupp Family Fund, after learning of an acquaintance whose husband had opened one in his wife’s honor. Since then, they also established the Edward & Joan Schupp Community Fund and helped open the recent Women’s Club Foundation of Hagerstown Endowment Fund.

For this family, it was more than just the tax benefits, but a way to give back to their community. A community, they feel, has been a caring, supportive place to raise their family. “The Community Foundation has taught us to think philanthropically,” Mrs. Schupp said. “They encourage and guide us. We like that our gifts will continue to give after we are no longer here. We have complete faith and trust in the Community Foundation, which is organized and run by local people in our community. They know our community and have our best interests at heart. We are also impressed with the return our money makes as well as their sound investment practices.”

Since the Schupps have a donor-advised fund, they can stay actively involved in recommending grants to meet their charitable needs. Each year, the family watches for nonprofit organizations with special needs or projects, like Hagerstown Day Nursery who celebrated their 250th anniversary celebration or Salvation Army who had a capital campaign to construct an addition. They also look for organizations with matching funds, which led them to give to Brook Lane recently.

Over the years, Mr. and Mrs. Schupp have engaged their sons by asking them to contribute to their family fund instead of exchanging birthday gifts. They also consult them when choosing the organizations that receive grants from the fund. According to Mrs. Schupp, “We are so blessed and just want to give back.”