Donor Profile

Community Foundation staff help donors meet their charitable goals to create a legacy of giving. For Bill Von Alt what started as a tax conversation turned into a fund where he could give back to the community while also honoring his father and grandfather.

Bill Von Alt SchlAs our donors come to us through a variety of avenues, Bill learned about the Community Foundation after meeting with Financial Advisor Cort Meinelschmidt of Sentinel Capital Solutions. He wanted to learn more about planned giving, tax shelters and the best use of capital gains. After their conversation, Meinelschmidt referred him to the Foundation.

Executive Director Brad Sell and Director of Grants and Donor Relations Kristy Smith helped Bill figure out the type of fund to create that achieved his vision, something he wasn’t sure how to fulfill on his own. The creation of the Von Alt Youth Leadership Scholarship Fund will provide two scholarships to deserving members of the Mason-Dixon Council, Boy Scouts of America for leadership training, specifically to the National Youth Leadership Training or the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience. Bill felt a youth-based scholarship would have the largest impact on our community and help shape the leaders of tomorrow. “I saw how important Boy Scouts was to both my father and grandfather as scout leaders. They truly lived the scout motto and encouraged other youth to live it as well,” said Bill.

He and his wife, Thelma, are also very involved in the Mason-Dixon Council, BSA , having served in various capacities for the past ten years. Bill is vice president of venturing and exploring programs and den leader for his own children. Thelma volunteers as an assistant crew advisor, committee member and den leader as well. “I truly believe in the Boy Scouts,” said Bill. They provide kids with the skills, character development and moral alignment to carry with them throughout their entire life.”

“With a fund at the Community Foundation, I could marry my two ideas together. I could help youth who may not otherwise be able to take part in the high quality training offered by the BSA, while honoring my father and grandfather for their decades of service to the Boy Scouts.”