Teen Pregnancy Prevention Fund

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Fund provides financial support for current initiatives that address teen pregnancy prevention and unsafe sexual practices of teens in Washington County, MD.

July 6, 2020: Grant Applications Now Being Accepted for 2020:
Grant applications for the 2020 Teen Pregnancy Prevention Fund are being accepted until August 10th at midnight. To apply online, visit: app.smarterselect.com/programs/66909-Community-Foundation-Of-Washington-County-Md-Inc 

Grant Requirements

Grants will re-open this summer and are typically directed to programs and education specifically targeting a decrease in teen pregnancy and unsafe sexual practices in teens. Preference may be given to organizations or programs that offer education and programming to parents of pre-teens and teens.

Suggested grant amount is about $600. However, requests for other amounts will not be disqualified. Applicant organizations must be based in and primarily serving Washington County, Maryland, and have a current 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS. Organizations may apply for funding for more than one program; however, each program requires a separate grant application.

Why care about teen pregnancy?

Washington County’s vital statistics demonstrate that our county has consistently ranked as having the 3rd or 4th highest teen birth rate in Maryland for many years. While the National and State and Washington County teen birth rates have shown dramatic improvement there is still much to be done to impact this issue.

“Compared to women who delay childbearing, teen mothers are less likely to complete high school and more likely to end up on welfare. The children of teen mothers are at significantly increased risk of low birth weight and pre-maturity, mental retardation, poverty, growing up without a father, welfare dependency, poor school performance, insufficient health care, inadequate parenting, and abuse and neglect.”

Parents Influence
“Parents have a very important influence on whether their teenagers become pregnant or cause a pregnancy. Parents need to know that when it comes to young people’s decisions about sex, their influence has not been lost to peers and popular culture. They are powerful and they can use this power in sound, helpful ways.” Organizations or programs that offer educational seminars, workshops and printed materials that provide parents practical information about what they can do to help their children delay sexual activity and avoid teen pregnancy are needed in Washington County.

2019 Grants
2019 nonprofit recipients included Boys and Girls Club of Washington County, Community Free Clinic and Together with Families/Washington County Family Center.Teen PregPrev-19-1

Boys and Girls Club of Washington County received their grant for SMART Girls, a health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program for girls ages 8-18 that encourages healthy attitudes and lifestyles. Activities include field trips, workshops, speakers and other events.

The Community Free Clinic will use their grant for SWAG (Services We All Get), a program focused on healthy lifestyles/healthy living; high-risk behavior prevention; and sexual education, disease testing and prevention. Through SWAG, the Clinic provides free and confidential reproductive health services, including birth control, pregnancy testing, STD treatment and education.

Together with Families/Washington County Family Center’s grant will go towards a new program, “Connect: Empowering Young Men to Make Smart Decisions.” Connect consists of eight, 60-minute sessions targeting young males between the ages of 16-21 in Washington County. Sessions will focus on communication, decision making, sex and contraception, responsible behavior and the consequences of unintended pregnancy at a young age. “This offers young men an opportunity for them to come together and discuss how becoming a dad has affected them and their lives,” said Dori Yorks, Washington County Family Center Director.

Photo: Major Warren, Community Free Clinic; Dori Yorks, Together with Families/Washington County Family Center; Addie Nardi, Boys and Girls Club of Washington County & Carrol Lourie.