National Road Heritage Foundation Creates Endowment Fund

As a result of a kind donation, the National Road Heritage Foundation created a permanent endowment fund at the Community Foundation. The sole purpose for the fund is to ensure the longevity for the National Road Museum and Trolley Station Museum in Boonsboro by providing yearly financial support to assist operations and improvements to both museums. The National Road Heritage Foundation strives to promote and preserve history and culture for the local community as well as visitors to Maryland by collecting, restoring, presenting and preserving numerous artifacts through exhibits, programs and special events.

NRM Exterior

George Messner, president of the nonprofit organization, took advantage of the Endow Maryland Tax Credit that allows Washington County residents to claim a 25% state tax credit when they establish or contribute to an unrestricted community endowment fund or field of interest fund at the Foundation. Thus, anyone else who wishes to contribute to the new National Road Heritage Foundation Endowment Fund can also take advantage of the tax credit by contributing at least $500 through November 30, 2015.