Richard Willson Honored with People’s Choice Award and $5,000 Endowment

Keeper_RichardCheck_IMG_4130The Community Foundation of Washington County MD, Inc. has awarded Richard Willson, as a part of the 23rd Annual People’s Choice Awards, with the Volunteer Award. The intimate ceremony took place among Willson’s family and friends at Reach of Washington County in Hagerstown, Md.

This prestigious award honors individuals from the community who give generously of their time and talents to make Washington County a better place to live. In his honor, the Community Foundation has ensured that the $5,000 that would have gone towards the creation of a new endowment fund, was deposited into the existing Reach Endowment Fund, per Richard’s wishes.

Willson, 75, a former employee of the Hagerstown Housing Authority, is known for his lifelong volunteerism, particularly with Hagerstown Area Religious Council (HARC), the League of Women Voters, John Wesley United Methodist Church, the Washington County Commission on Aging, Interfaith Housing Alliance, and many more. He is also a founding member of cornerstones like Holly Place and Reach of Washington County.

HARC Executive Director Kathy Powderly says “if he can help, he will. He’s really been a blessing. Whenever you ask him for help, he’s there and he does it so quietly. He’s contributed to so many thousands of people in this community.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired, you’re here. What we do is hard, but so meaningful. I’ve never seen Richard lose his temper… and that really means a lot because we are all human. You have people here not on their best day, mentally ill, or addicted, and his calm demeanor is appreciated very much,” added Reach of Washington County Executive Director Jeannie Asbury.

“Richard being as humble as he is, has decided that he would like to have a bigger impact by adding $5,000 to the already established Reach endowment fund,” said Community Foundation President & CEO Stacey Crawford.

“I thank you very much, this is a tad on the embarrassing side to be placed in the spotlight like this, but I think it is the relationships and the way we work with one another that can produce something bigger than any one person,” said Willson.