Scholarships Awarded at Washington County Technical High School

Congratulations to the graduating students of Washington County Technical High School! We attended a recognition ceremony earlier this week, which included awarding of various scholarships. We had the pleasure of awarding the following:

Frank M. and Ruth N. Carpenter Family Scholarship:
Blake Bettis

Doleman Black Heritage Museum Dr. Patricia Wilson-Cone Scholarship:
Alexander Greene

Jim Deaner Scholarship for Boys & Girls Club:
Jasmin Fowlkes

Jon Christopher Gauss, Jr. Auto Mechanics Scholarship:
Josiah Smith

Lawrence & Genevieve Martin Scholarship:
Blake Bettis

Officer Christopher Nicholson Memorial Scholarship:
Daileah Ramirez

Quinn Alec Hoover Legacy Scholarship WC Technical High School:
Alexus Smetzer
Jenna Rockwell

Remsberg-Trout Scholarship:
Marley Begosh

Washington Goes Purple Scholarship:
Alexus Smetzer

Craig Bryan Wibberley Memorial Scholarship:
Nathaniel Walter
Jasmin Fowlkes
Julissa Hernadez
Marcus Virgilio

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