The Future is Yours West Virginia Child Scholarship Awards Recipient

The Future is Yours West Virginia Child Scholarship, one of our 400+ funds, created by Kati Hatfield, 17, of Hedgesville, WV, recently announce 2022’s scholarship recipients, who each received a $1,000 scholarship. Recipients are Olivia Clarke, of Riverside High School in Kanawha County, and Marcus Rucker, of Lincoln High School in Harrison County.
The scholarship, funded by sales of handmade jewelry created by Hatfield, began in May of 2020 and is open to high school seniors who are or were in foster care, a ward of the state or an adoptee and who also have an ADHD diagnosis. All West Virginia students, whether in public, private or homeschool, who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply online at The Community Foundation of Washington County, Maryland,, when scholarship season opens.
According to Hatfield, she knows that being an adoptee and having an ADHD diagnosis can be difficult.
“I was adopted and have learned that all children who have a background similar to mine experience early childhood trauma, which, in about 25% of cases, results in learning differences like ADHD,” she said. “I know how hard this is on students because I have experienced it first hand, and I wanted to help others by giving them positive recognition.”
Donations may also be made to the Future is Yours West Virginia Child Scholarship by visiting and clicking on The Future is Yours West Virginia Child Scholarship, which holds the fund.
“My ultimate goal is to earn enough money so that the scholarship is self-sustaining and will provide extra money for students for many years to come,” Hatfield said.