For Professional Advisors

Professional advisors hold a unique position in assisting clients with their charitable giving through preparing financial and estate plans with charitable provisions and drafting documents to create and manage philanthropic funds. They also provide technical expertise to the Community Foundation of Washington County MD.

The Community Foundation in turn helps financial advisors by:Mason Companies-smaller

  • Educating clients about methods of charitable giving.
  • Customizing giving to match personal interests and tax planning needs.
  • Facilitating complex forms of giving.
  • Sharing knowledge of needs in the community.
  • Offering grant making expertise and administrative services.
  • Helping clients create personal legacies through named funds.
  • Offering involvement in recommending uses of a gift.
  • Providing the option of giving anonymously.

The following financial information is available upon request:

  • Names of our Investment Committee Members
  • Names of our Investment Managers
  • Investment and Administrative Fees

For more information for you or your clients, feel free to download the list of documents below.